As many of you have probably already seen on the news, last night Ecuador was hit with a 7.8 major earthquake.  Though, 100 miles away from the epicenter, Justin and I most definitely felt the earthquake as we huddled in our doorframe.  At the moment, the death toll on the coast continues to rise.  Though currently at 238 dead and over 1500 injured, I am sure those numbers will have increased by the time you read this.  To give you an idea, some scientists believe this earthquake was 6 times as large as the one in Japan.  We are grateful to say that all members of Extreme Nazarene Missions are safe and accounted for.

Even after the earthquake, there have been many mudslides hindering rescue efforts.  Because of “el niño” the forecast shows more rains meaning more mudslides.  There have been many reports of looting and overall fear and devastation.

Manta, is one of the cities hit hard by this deadly natural disaster.    I am glad to say God has a perfect plan. I had plans to be in Manta this weekend, but had postponed these plans until this coming weekend.  Extreme Nazarene is currently planning on planting our next church in this hard hit city.  The team is currently in Quito training to be deployed in July.

Extreme Nazarene is planning to send a relief team from Quito to Manta sometime this coming week.  Justin and I will be part of these relief efforts.

This week there are many things you can be in prayer for.  Please pray for the people of the areas affected.  Pray for family members who have lost loved ones.  Pray for those who are now homeless or without their businesses.  Pray for Extreme as we decide our best response.  Pray for people providing relief and their safety.



Author: Krista

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  1. We are hungry for information on what is happening in our beloved Ecuador. Our hearts are with you, praying for courage and safety for all. Thank you and let us know as you have time and information to share.

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  2. Thank you for the update Krista. I’m glad that you, Justin, and the team are all safe. We’ll be praying for you, the teams, and everyone affected in Ecuador.

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