First Local Run Medical Clinic

In September, I was sitting in church trying to pay attention to the message, but the truth is a huge conviction came over me.  I had a ton of medical stuff including unexpired medications sitting in my office and I had still yet to use them.  A long time before this, I had talked about and wanted to do medical clinics using local physicians, but this had never come to volition.  Unfortunately, there have been many times where I have not followed my convictions.  I have not listened to the still calm voice inside of me and chosen to ignore it.  This time, I did not.  I waited in line for my Pastor and I told him that if he could find a physician, I had the equipment and meds to do a medical clinic within the church.

A while later my Pastor came back to me and said he could not find anyone.  I was discouraged and had no idea what to do with what I felt God was telling me.  I got busy with my work and time went by.  The medications sat and haunted me.  After Christmas, Pastor walked directly up to me after service and introduced me to one of the church members.  Through Eric, pastor had found possibly a couple of physicians willing to make this outreach possible.

After that, things happened fast.  Yesterday, the Carcelen Church opened its doors to the first evangelism event medical clinic.  Of course there were some hiccups, but overall it was an amazing experience for all.  Though there was no advertising done before hand, all we needed was a loud speaker resulting in around 100 patients.  We not only had two physicians, but also a counselor, four nurses, an orthodontist student and dentist as well.  It took a lot of people to make the event work and I was blessed  to practice my nursing skills in the triage while church members ran the show.

I have no idea of the seeds that were planted yesterday, but I know God has a plan.  Overall, I think it was obvious to the community that the church was their to serve, listen and to love them.  There are a lot of people who made this possible.  My church back home donated Bibles, in which we handed out several, the short term teams who have come in the past and donated medicines and medical equipment, the medical team that included locals as well as missionaries, church members and Extreme missionaries who saw it through,a pastor who believed in what God was telling me, and most of all God for His grace, love and provisions.



Author: Krista

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