Happy Valentines Day

Today is St. Valentine’s Day and here just like in the states the streets are full of flowers and goodie baskets, the only thing different is that for $5 you can get a lovely bouquet of roses and in the States I am sure it is a little more pricey. Usually you can get a dozen roses for $1-$2, but as all good entrepreneurs know today is all about supply and demand.

A little update on what I am doing. I have finished the main components of the website, and am currently finishing up translating it into Spanish and doing a few little fixes. The next thing that I am doing is building a special phone application. This application will be designed for our church planters to help collect contact information and help identify what groups need more assistance as they grow.

In Krista’s world she has been really busy making sure Extreme’s new building we are renting is working out well for the 40/40 missionaries that are living there while they are training. This Saturday February 20th, Krista will spear head a medical clinic at our church with two Cuban doctors. The clinic will be housed inside of the church and will be completely free. Please pray for the church as we hope to bring in many new people to the church.


Author: Justin

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