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We are wrapping up a crazy past two weeks.  Justin, myself and others in the office have been working hard to ready our new Extreme Quito Center, which has been a bit more challenging task than I thought.  From organizing/buying furniture, working with the land lord and contractor and putting in water heaters, I think we are finally there.  Three of the Manta 40/40s moved in this week and they are slowly finding out the kinks.  We are living here with them as well until their clusters arrive on Thursday.

This weekend, we toured them around Quito and said goodbye to some awesome friends who have become family over the past year and a half.  Besides the Extreme Center, there has also been a lot going on medically within Extreme.  Though, not appropriate to share publicly, please be in prayer for the health of our organization.  There has been quite a bit going on.  In the next few weeks, we will be putting on a medical clinic with my church I attend here in Quito.  After praying and searching for local doctors for a long time, this is finally happening.  With donations from past medical trips and leftover meds, God has supplied everything to make this happen. So on February 20th, please be in prayer for the hearts and souls of the people of Quito as we seek to use God’s resources to share his love.



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  1. So glad to hear about the medical clinic. Praying for the overall health of Extreme in Quito. We are excited to welcome part of your team back to Idaho!

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