Join our mission to South America

Justin and Krista have set a goal of $82,500 that will allow them to serve and grow the Kingdom of God in South America over the next two years.

OUR GOAL $82,500

Where does the money go?

Make a monthly or one time donation today!

Method 1- Online: (Click the donate button and walk through the website steps. Step one is address, followed by donation amount, and the final step is donation method )


Method 2 – Call: (800) 326-9235 and have type of payment ready and give to “Kellerer Family”.

Method 3 – Mail: Checks to:

Extreme Nazarene
4800 W. Fairview Ave.
Boise, Idaho 83706

Please make the check out to Extreme Nazarene with the memo – (For Kellerer Family with Extreme Nazarene)