Update on Gualsaquí

For a few weeks now I have been meaning to meet up with Pastor Luis of the Gualsaquí Church near Otavalo.  Today, I was in the area with my family and we decided to attend his church.

As Pastor Luis greeted us, members of the church began leaving the sanctuary before the service had even really began.  Confused we realized what was going on.  In October, a short term team helped construct three walls to increase the Gualsaquí sanctuary and make room for the ever growing congregation.

The roof of the church has been placed the day before with help from another local church we had worked with.  They had joined together along with financial blessings from God (and the local hardware store) to put up the roof.  Dressed in our Sunday best, alongside the congregation we got to work.  Today, we tore down walls and the old stage to make room for the expansion.  We filled buckets and wheelbarrows with dirt to fill the area where the new alter (stage) will be constructed.

The hope is to have this all done before next week, which marks the birthday of the church and a huge celebration.  In January, they plan to have a huge evangelism event in the expanded sanctuary.  The new expansion has a lot of financial ties that still are yet to be met, but Pastor Luis and his congregation are trusting God to provide as He has done thus far.

Please Pray:

  1. Financial provision for the Church in Gualsaquí and the other churches of Tangalí and Quichinche which Extreme sent a short term team in October.
  2. The new ECQ and the preparations needed for the next 40/40 team
  3. The last minute fundraising for the Manta 40/40 Church plant team
  4. Continued guidance in ministry

Justin and I will be on vacation and not updating our blog most likely until mid January.  Everyone have a Merry Christmas and see you next year!


Author: Krista

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  1. That’s so awesome!!!

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    • Wow! it is so encouraging to see that the work in Gualsequi is continuing on so soon!

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